Monday, August 22, 2011

My Nadnod

many who asking me, who are u? me honestly, i dont have a specific answer for that,

when i saw Hazel Nadt on OGC , i really cant help myself but to annoy her, its just that OGC is mine but dont want to take the responsibility to Admin it, so, i did annoy her, sorry

and everytime shes online, ill call her up immediately, Nadnodnadnodnadnodnadnod, Guess what? that annoy her also

as the day passed by, i drop my number and she texted me, apart of being blunt we became a close friends, not every single day w didnt text, at least there will be, Gudnite *kiss ur cheek* as a wish,

they are just a lot of thing i couldnt ask and i feel like doing a mistakes,

so i try to get away from her, i didnt text her for a solid 4 days and she also not doing that, i nearly cry of missing her but i play hard. on the 4th, i give up, i missed her too much,

there are also times when she calls me i did not pick the phone up, its not like i dont want to talk but i fear my voice crack and i lose my coolness, or anything left in it, weve been frens for a several month and she still cant hear my voice let alone see my face unless its on facebook

after Kedah trip, i feel so damn boring so i asked her to do a webcam-chat, i just wanna see each other faces, just when i see her face, i spontaneously typing and sending 'aku sudah jatuh Cinta' and like usual, shes not taking it seriously coz im a joke-around type of person, that time, the mic was on, she still cant hear my voice, suddenly i got a call and i answer it, thats when she hear my voice for te first time, and after that i dont bother on typing anymore

one day, i feel like something stuck on my chest, and i let it all out, i dont care anymore, i just dont care, im used to being turn down, a lot, so to me, honesty didnt hurt anymore, and i didnt even move when u reply that u feel the same too, i was stoned and smile like an idiot,

so we had our first date, i saw her, when we first made eye contact honestly i nearly die, but i gather my coolness and stand up straight, i just cant take my eyes off her,and shes doing all the talking when i only goes yeah, uh? uhuh, hehe, sorry, i was nervous.

So we hang out, when i got no money no cars nothing, she keep coming for me, i always think of running from her as im no good for her, but she still keep coming and far all my problems, is only her voice and her smile make me feel at peace and have the spirit to overcome my problems,

when she makes a decision of her life, i feel so sad that im no part of it and after that she calling me crying, i knew this is hard and by far the hardest type of decision but she did pull it off,

so now? yeah, ive taken the responsibilities and shes with me now,

so im free to call her mine,


*i dont know why but this thread seems boring, i dont know how to write it

Aku sendiri nak Tergelak

Apa pendapat Korang?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

200th Post :) RIDZHUAN

R - Responsibility
I - Integrity
D - Dilligence
Z - Zero-Tolerance on Spicy Food
H - Honesty
U - Universal
A - Awareness
N - Nadiah

Monday, August 8, 2011

Welcome Kelvin And Rina

Tambah Lg Adik Beradik Azim, sebabkan Kucing si TOM TILALA tu dah dewasa dan Berlagak, aku dapatkan la hamster ni 2 ekor sebab Azim mmg ske manjakan pets Aku, sebabkan aku dah tak balik umah, bygkan la die mandikan Tom 2 hari sekali, pastu die bwk pg berjalan bagai,

Adik bongsu aku mmg penyayang mcm Along die juga

Im Sorry

Yesterday when i come fetch u, i saw him,

my rages taken hold of me as i walk towards him with pure anger and hate, and even if he's with his mom im going to make sure he gets the idea,

after half way i turn back to watch u, thats when i saw ur face, i close my eyes and turn back to you, step inside Ona that i want to celebrate her with u

i know im a jerk, i know i cant stand him, i cannot hold myself if its matter of him,

Im sorry,

Have to accept the fact that i really hate to see u cry, again

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Hope Is Lost

My dad has Sold Ara, i dont know to whom, i dont know where, I do Saw Something Dont Play Coz i seen it Clearly

if only i know where it goes, i can win her back but now all my hopes is lost

i dont know what to do anymore

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

mmg agak membebankan kalau kita ni Extra Sharp

Extra Sharp

Besenye org mcm ni ialah seorang yg agak suka menganalisa, die nampak ape yang orang lain tak nampak, die ni agak tak serkap jarang la sebab masa die habis dgn die tengok je tanpa buat apa,
org Extra Sharp ni die mmg agak sukar ditipu, dan agak benci ditipu sebab agak banyak pengalaman die dgn manusia-manusia penipu jadi die kalu kene tipu pun sekali je
Kelebihan karekteristik die ni mmg agak sesuai nak jadi Hakim sebab die ni agak keras hati dan die tak berat sebelah, even family dan kawan2 die pun byk mintak pendapat ngan die


- Susah nak percaya org
- Agak banyak Fikir
- lebih pentingkan otak dr hati, so perasaan mmg no 2 la
- tak boleh join org berfikiran simple


aku mcm ni