Monday, November 28, 2011

Career Development Getting Interesting

As a Business Development Executive here in Strategic Corporate Alliance where i poor my sweat over eleven months ago, well the company keep growing bigger and bigger as this year's Target sales has been reach, not only that, the actual sales is actually doble the value from the forecast, so next year on 2012, Sales Forecast will be about quadruple this years target sales, whew, Alhamdulillah,

As for me , still engine in generating products, new modules, bring more sales although in my department its just only me, and i report Directly to GM and MD, as per discussion with my MD on Teambuilding and Business Plan meeting, i was responsible as Head of Training Management Unit where by i did not become senior executive first if referring to organization Chart and i must report duty starting December,and i got two assistants starting january, my, leading team is such a duty,

as responsibility is going to be a lot more challenging, i will deliver more from day to day, ive promised myself that even im alone, i can live, well literally, i have NADNOD,

my life? with her its just getting better and better, we fight, we laugh, we cheer each other up, and make each other happy, i just glad ur in my life, :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simuka Petak

Wahai SiNadnod yg Dikasihi, dengar sini Beta ingin Betitah,

huhu, since u appeared in my life, ive been happier, been stronger, been better, and u gave me the sense of accompaniment,

U are so cute, :) and i have to be like that so we look good together, u look like a 15 years old but i look like 30 years old :D

everytime u laugh i get charged up, i hate to see ur sad face but u always make me look at ur Seposen face and ur hidung kembang face, :)

i got nothing syg, just some good looks muahahaha

maybe i just lack the reason to love u, but i truly does, i dont have the words for it,

love ur laugh, ur smile, ur dorkiness,

maybe i just continue to love u and everytime we fight, its just take 10 minutes to fall in love with each other again,

i love u, appreciate u being with me all this time,

and this is when i dragged u to Midvalley without Makeup, Natural Beauty, hihik


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Im sorry if that Hurts U

U know what is my career, Im a Motivator, A Trainer,

when one program comes it will have the agenda, and i cant do anything if my client ask for a WhiteWater Rafting, Jungle Nightwalk and Caving at Gua Tempurung.

As A trainer, i must.. no... I have to do everything, with them, or not im not walking my talk, i motivate them on how to conquer your fear, about teamwork, about self confidence but as u said the activity is dangerous and u mad at me because of that, i understand, but what about my 67 people of participants that wants to see me in front and show them success if they have positive thinking

im not a robot, i feel scared, very scared, but i have to do what i talk about in class or ill be a total All-talks person or other words a Loser,

onWhitewater Rafting, yes the boat flipped twice and i nearly drowned, i nearly died, so what, if Allah wants me back, im glad, i was wash out with the current almost 2.5 Kilometers coz i was at front boat and theres no other people in front, so the guide in the boat have to save another three people at my boat and let me go, i was drinking river water, yes, i was smacked by rocks all over my body, i was hit by trees but dont focus on that

u know what participants says to me when the activity was over?
"Encik Ridzhuan dah tunjukkan saya apa tujuan sebenar kita perlu teruskan hidup dan maksud pengorbanan, saya takkan lupa apa yang Encik ajar saya seumur hidup saya"

n u know why i dont give up and keep struggling in rapids current of the river?
"i Have to go back to myNadnod"
and it stucks to my head for almost 2.5 KM

Other two is Jungle Nightwalk and Caving, i have to do it, i have to lead them, and i hope u understand what i have to do, i dont like to work like a one selfish bastard that only cares for salary,

i want to change people lifes, make them a better person, im no better myself but if i can show them what its like , transfer my knowledge ill be satisfied,

i know u were hurt but i cant turn back time, even if i can, ill still be leading my people doing what they scared the most


Thursday, November 17, 2011


ape nak jd ko ni Mat Duan, asik kalah je dgn diri ko sendiri

memalukan betul, ape lah

Sunday, November 13, 2011

:) being Healthy Being Me

only 6 days since i follow my Schedule and i loss a whopping 5kilograms, :) im not a fussy about my weight but my bmi has already tells that im a little obese :)

Just Stop eating Rice and stop eating after 8pm

thats All,

i didnt even exercise but it depends on one's metabolism, im easy up easy down in term or weight,

even My NADNOD dengki, hehehe

I am not a Diploma Holder, im just a SPM's

im Officially missed my Convocation last week, thanks to that gentleman that borrow my PTPTN money from the past 3 years to-do-i-dont-know-what and still in today havent pay

only 3500.... the selfishness is cost me to become a mere spm holder,

U got 30000 from Maklong, u cant even spare my 3500 for my diploma. ill remember this forever,

U said to me to save money but u taking 1000 from me every month and expect me to survive on whats left

u stripped my car from me, said tat u want to use the roadtax money to pay for your credit card but in the end u sold the car

thanks dad, u destroy my dream, u destroy my life, u destroy me, u are the worst dad ever :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Mira :)

She asked me, :) if u come back, would i leave her for u? i think u knew the answer, :) still a No,

Since u have been gone i filled with regrets, so i discover that i love u, its true, but its only fills with guiltiness and my regrets, even if u come back we can never be together because if our bonds is true, i will feel it even if ur still here today but no, its only after u have been gone, im only missing u

as for her, this is ever the first time i feel like this, and this is it, its with her, not u, her, even when she still with someone, i feel it, i love her, so i waited, and i have my time, and to you i promise, ill never let her go, im sure, nobody can take care and love her more than i do, im confident of that, and if someone to steal her away, i wont get back without a fight but the decision is always at her hand, i wont stop her from her happiness, but my injury will be severe, hahaha

i think Allah loves u more so u are taken away, :) someday we will meet again and i will bring her to you and you two can be sisters

i do love you , but i love her more now,

and you, Nadnod, think u will get away? no way, I got u, :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Ma

Its been a while since we see each other, talk to each other

but lets make things clear, I LOVE U, i have my reasons of doing things, i never once wants to leave u, but the circumstances makes me do it, lets not ignored the fact that everything he does just the same as chasing me out,

i dont want to get home and hold my anger right at the tip of my finger, i afraid i might drop it, i have nothing left, everything he said he wants to give me has been taken back, yes, that makes me to start at square one,

our family, all of them, is extremely unreliable, they are all selfish, i was homeless and penniless for a solid 4 months and none of them ever say even ask anything, they all selfish

tomorrow is Aildiladha, lets just meet in our dream Ma, :)

im ur son, u know what i am, im nothing like him,

I Love u Ma

Friday, November 4, 2011


I lose it once, :)

but still i got second chance,

ill treasure it, make sure ill attend to it

give live to it, give attention to it

thanks to you for making my dreams reality

never thought that my own selfish desire was answered

as a sense of gratefulness, ill take care of it

and it feels so real

Nice Appeareance Dinamic Never Ordinary Daisy --- > MyFlower

Dah aku agak

Memang dr awal dah aku agak. mmg takde gune pon sume tu, mcm2 ckp nak sedapkan hati org tp kalau sendiri taknak berubah mmg ape pon tak boleh, kalau itu je yang penting then amik la, puaskan hati, sedangkan satu persatu nak kene tarik pon tak sedar2 jugak, let go la ape yg tak mampu, buat ape zalimi diri, masalahnye bukan zalimi diri tp siap ngan bini anak terlibat sekali, thaniah kerana berjaya jadi org yg paling selfish sekali dlm dunia ni dan hidup yg sentiasa diselubungi kegagalan, kalau dulu mmg akan menurut je tapi sorry, 22 tahun akan datang ni turn dorg pulak, so if panjang umur then ill see u again when ur 66 , whatever u did since im small till now is all wrong and realize that im nothing like u, Dictator!

i dont know what to write

i loss my pen