Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am not a Diploma Holder, im just a SPM's

im Officially missed my Convocation last week, thanks to that gentleman that borrow my PTPTN money from the past 3 years to-do-i-dont-know-what and still in today havent pay

only 3500.... the selfishness is cost me to become a mere spm holder,

U got 30000 from Maklong, u cant even spare my 3500 for my diploma. ill remember this forever,

U said to me to save money but u taking 1000 from me every month and expect me to survive on whats left

u stripped my car from me, said tat u want to use the roadtax money to pay for your credit card but in the end u sold the car

thanks dad, u destroy my dream, u destroy my life, u destroy me, u are the worst dad ever :)

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