Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Ma

Its been a while since we see each other, talk to each other

but lets make things clear, I LOVE U, i have my reasons of doing things, i never once wants to leave u, but the circumstances makes me do it, lets not ignored the fact that everything he does just the same as chasing me out,

i dont want to get home and hold my anger right at the tip of my finger, i afraid i might drop it, i have nothing left, everything he said he wants to give me has been taken back, yes, that makes me to start at square one,

our family, all of them, is extremely unreliable, they are all selfish, i was homeless and penniless for a solid 4 months and none of them ever say even ask anything, they all selfish

tomorrow is Aildiladha, lets just meet in our dream Ma, :)

im ur son, u know what i am, im nothing like him,

I Love u Ma

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