Monday, November 28, 2011

Career Development Getting Interesting

As a Business Development Executive here in Strategic Corporate Alliance where i poor my sweat over eleven months ago, well the company keep growing bigger and bigger as this year's Target sales has been reach, not only that, the actual sales is actually doble the value from the forecast, so next year on 2012, Sales Forecast will be about quadruple this years target sales, whew, Alhamdulillah,

As for me , still engine in generating products, new modules, bring more sales although in my department its just only me, and i report Directly to GM and MD, as per discussion with my MD on Teambuilding and Business Plan meeting, i was responsible as Head of Training Management Unit where by i did not become senior executive first if referring to organization Chart and i must report duty starting December,and i got two assistants starting january, my, leading team is such a duty,

as responsibility is going to be a lot more challenging, i will deliver more from day to day, ive promised myself that even im alone, i can live, well literally, i have NADNOD,

my life? with her its just getting better and better, we fight, we laugh, we cheer each other up, and make each other happy, i just glad ur in my life, :)

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