Sunday, January 30, 2011

my new office SCA

my new office

my new appointed work space

my gadgets for work and networking

heaven.. pantry area

since 17 of january, ive been working here at Puchong, as a newly appointed Business Development Executive, the job is ranging from making a proposal for client, meeting of client, and full time Servant to the One, and also managing the sales that come in from the sales department as i will the one to follow up wit them.. and most of my client is highly sophisticated business woman(?????)

what i like is on lunch time, every staff eats together and we point out everything that is wrong in term of everything. everyone have a say whereby our CEO and COO also have lunch together with us.

this company is all malay and muslim. i also somehow gain the tranquility of myself as soon as i started working here and all about our work is my liking. and i feel that i can gain tons of knowledge here and everybody her is so nice and encouraging.

this year, ill have my ambition come true, some of it has, some of it will

Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Month on February

i share to all of u all of the songs that really meant a lot to me , and why?? hahah and some lyrics thats really facinating

1. Everywhere-Michelle Branch : 1st song ive ever played on guitar
-cos ur everywhere to me, when i close my eyes its u i see,

2. Scars - Papa Roach : help me get through my pain :)
- i pissed when u come around, why dont u just go home

3. Always Somewhere - Scorpions : 1st song ive ever played infront of a girl
- miss u where iv been, ill be back to love u again

4. Everything im not - The veronicas : Mira like this and give it to me, sound of her heart
- cos the girl, that u want, she was tearing us apart, and shes everything im not

5. Figure 9 - Linkin Park : help me know who i am
- i cant seperate, myself from what ive done, giving up a part of me, ive let myself become u!

6. Life - Yui : Song that help me through my college days
-a wings for me to fly is already in, i can change my life

7. Rolling Star - Yui : hearing this song make me wanna beat someone up, energizer
- i strike a fighting pose, a small smirk

8. Someone Watching over me - Hilary Duff : reminds me very much of her
- it doesnt matter what people said, it doesnt matter how long it take

9. MIA - Avenged Sevenfold : my lullaby if i cant sleep
-to challenge me u must be strong, walk ur land but dont belong

10. Hey There Delilah : Eryna 19th birthday present
- 2 more years and u be done with school and ill be making history like ive do

11. Cold - Crossfade : 1st song ive ever sang duet with a guy, hahaha,
- what i really meant to say, is im sorry for the way i am, i never meant to be so cold

12. Break You - Marion Raven : a rocking girl with vampirish look and a killer voice!
-what goes around comes around u should know by now

13. Runaway - Linkin Park : song when i become a skateboard freak back there
-i wanna runaway, and never say goodbye

14. Iron Maiden - Rainmaker : make me want to roll and headbanging!!
- u tell me we can sop the rain, u tell me that we all can change

15. SOS - Good Charlotte : have a sentimental value of a loser
- im lost here, i cant make it on my own, i dont wanna die alone,

16. The River - Good Charlote : 1st song to be jam with a complete stranger band

- to the praying mother and the worry father, let your children go
if they come back they will come home stronger and if they dont u'll know

17. Bidadari - XOS Grand : yg redha dan menerima
- pergilah, bidadariku, kejarlah kemahuan mu, teruskan tanpa aku

18. Pelangi - XOS Grand : tentang moving on, best!
- sudahlah, pergi saja, aku sudah tak peduli lagi, hanyutlah dibawa angim, pergilah

19. AKU - XOS Grand : tentang seorang yg setia smpi mati
- berikanlah, kunci kepintu hatimu, yg dapat aku tuju, mencari sinar hidupmu
walaupun kau benci aku, aku tetap menyanjungmu, kerana itulah aku,

20. Ignorance - Paramore : somehow this is related to me, very much
- im just a person but u cant take it, the same tricks that, that once fooled me,
they wont get u anywhere, im not the same kid from ur memories
well now i can fend for my self

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Mission Update** January

1 January : Change My Life and Looks
7 January : Quit CSC, my biggest source of headache
8 January : Search for Jobs
17 January: Started Working at SCA
18 January: Settle on ARA things
21 January: Accomplishing SCA Benchmark on new Staff-Sets a new record
24 January: Got UKM, UIA and UITM Tender

Quite a work on a month time, so im going to take a break till February

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Keje keje keje dan Aku 2011

after setahun aku keje ngan construction company as 1 wide multitasking guy that runs over from account to engineer, ,, sume bende aku buat, last2 aku serabut aku trus throw 24jam punye notis resignation letter, pade 12 januari aritu, dan dlam beberapa hari aku tanam anggur, aku kuat searching keje yg in dan out die 1 way je, maksud aku kurangkan multitasking dan layed back sket la,, and aku diterima keje kat SCA pade 17 januari as a Business Development Executives, the job is straight forward and it let me to lay my back, so perfect la, Alhamdulillah

tp skang ade 1 Prob, aku dr Kasual kene tukar jd Formal,

everything , start dgn cre bercakap, duduk , jalan sume, yg aku paling takleh tahan ialah dressing seorg executive, lol, all my life bende kasual yg aku pakai cume uniform sekolah je, aku benci butang byk2.... tp no choice, kne buat jugak, so aku kene kua shopping untuk pakaian keje, slacks, baju kemeja n Ties! definitely ties, sebelum ni aku mmg ade masalah lam matching colour so, aku perlukan bantuan, :(

Help Me!!!

Hesti Darwina _ Mira Shahidan _ Rosliza Nengsi _ Atiqah Damhuri _ Almas Liyana

U girls call me as soon as u read this piece, i need u all
i trust only girls for fashion, all my guy fren are fashion Terrorist , including me!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

its not much, but i think it will help,

1.Dont Act like u feel, Act the way u want to feel
- my experience: i once a reckless guy, stupidly barge in without thinking of others, push away everyone in my way, but i didnt accept people doing the same thing to me, i want to be acknowledge, i want to be accept, but me is reluctance about that to other people, is it fair?

2.being polite cost nothing but it pays great dividends
-my life: im rude, yeah, but now i control it but i will become rude again if i was tested, n i poorly can control my emotion, my solution, be polite, even if its hurting, but the time will tell if the seed u seam will fruit endlessly,

3.walk, talk and act confidently and u will soon feel more confident too
-My experience: i often stay at the back, thats why i was so like a shadow, but if u confident and step up, it will let people see that u are there, and even u say something wrong, laugh it out so that the atmostphere will get better,

4.the jobs isnt finish until the tool are put away,
-My experience: dont be a 95 percenter, do u leave ur car while the key still inside or the engine still on? same in friendship, we be friends until our soul leave us, dont ever hate, hate is like a hammer without a head, hitteng blindly but never hits the nail

5.quitters will never make it to winner circle
-my experience: always been hurt, always at fault, always insecure but i stick with one saying, the rain will stop anytime if u still going to wait for it, 1 word, Redha, even my dad give me the money after i endlessly begged him for straight week, :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

2011 and ME

*dont reach me unless its necessary*

*I got things i need to manage right now*

*i Appreciate if u all just leave me alone for now*

*Last year 2010, i spend too much time on u guys so this year *

* if u think u knew me well then u would understand*

*dont ask questions*

* to all my besties, ur included in this 1*

*im sorry and who knows we will meet again sooner than i thought*