Sunday, January 30, 2011

my new office SCA

my new office

my new appointed work space

my gadgets for work and networking

heaven.. pantry area

since 17 of january, ive been working here at Puchong, as a newly appointed Business Development Executive, the job is ranging from making a proposal for client, meeting of client, and full time Servant to the One, and also managing the sales that come in from the sales department as i will the one to follow up wit them.. and most of my client is highly sophisticated business woman(?????)

what i like is on lunch time, every staff eats together and we point out everything that is wrong in term of everything. everyone have a say whereby our CEO and COO also have lunch together with us.

this company is all malay and muslim. i also somehow gain the tranquility of myself as soon as i started working here and all about our work is my liking. and i feel that i can gain tons of knowledge here and everybody her is so nice and encouraging.

this year, ill have my ambition come true, some of it has, some of it will

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