Thursday, March 31, 2011

Travelling for April

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Due to request by Eryna Natasha , Hafiz Hazim dan Adila Farhana

This is my schedule for April, take a load of these until u puke!

im no procrastinator!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011



Frequently ASKed Question

Q: Why u look older? are u really 22?
A: i am, besides, i pinch my cheek to look older so i can scare kids

Q: why is ur hair n eye colour the same?
A: i dont know.. i thought my hair is black

Q: what u like to do in free time?
A: umm.. Gundams, Guitar, PS2, Facebook, let My cat bite me, go out with girls

Q: why are u single?
A: im choosy, complicated, and i like to be Alone and im not allowed to YET

Q: any crushes?

Q: any regret?
A: yeah.. a lot.. but the worst of my regret lies in Kuala Kangsar

Q: u have nice smile
A: thats not a question, but thx :)

Peragut Berjaya

Name aku Rico, aku seorang peragut, bukan sahaja aku meragut rumput, aku juga penah meragut lalang, semak ubi dan bermacam2 tumbuhan menjalar yang lain,

setelah aku meningkat remaja, aku mule berjinak2 untuk meragut beg sekolah budah perempuan sebab aku mulai mempunyai rse ingin tahu ttg apakan isi didalamnye, akhirnye persoalan aku terjawab, budak perempuan mmg pemalas, pegi sekolah tak bwk buku teks langsung... tp, mungkin mangsa aku tu mmg spesis malas.

setelah aku meniti keremajaan, aku mule meragut beg tangan, selalunye mangsa aku yg dgn rela hatinye menghulurkan beg tangan kepada aku, setakat ini aku penah meragut beg tangan Ma aku sendiri berulang2 lebih dr 200 kali, tetapi Ma aku tak penah gusar,

hari ini, semakin ramai perempuan yg ingin beg mereka diragut oleh aku, aku pun mule merasakan aku membuat perkara yg sia2, kalu nak pape baik mintak je, :) jgn jd peragut,

aku bru pulang dr Aktiviti meragut besar besaran ditepi Pantai
beg itam tu ade lebih kurang 67juta pound sterling

Sunday, March 27, 2011

JUST DON’T GET ME UPSET *im normal, I do get upset*

Case 1: Unknown Number

I believe the alien was a she. Out of the blue SMS me and I haven’t recorded her number, with all of kind I asked “who is this” and she nonsensely answer “awek Lame(old Girlfriend’) I kindly said that that is not possible but she keep taunting me, as I repeatly asked for her Identity, she keeps playing so I curse her a lot, and she cried… I don’t give a shit, u started it, and yeah farewell, I don’t befriend stupid people, I hate it when sumone nonsensely taunting me, I don’t care if ur not in my life, u aren’t worthed to be anyway, u said that we use to be on the same class, u stupid or what? Are in a class just consist u and me? Get a grip, if u really does knew me, u will understand, oh , u will not understand, as I said ur too damn stupid to answer “who are u “ with Pokemon as an answer.

Case 2: Want to meet me but need me to go to you and questioning my life

This really get on my nerve , I don’t know what type or person this is, they wanna meet me but no effort on showing up, asking me to come to their doorsteps. What kind of loser are they, u wanna meet me then come and see me, how dare u said that everytime u want to “lepak” I don’t show, n u stupidly questioning my free time, and as I have many girl as friend, u question that too, U own Me HUH? Get a grip, I don’t hang out with losers, im not offended that u said I don’t show if u ask but im offended when ur questioning my life, never once u bring food to my doorsteps so just go to hell

Case 3: I write what I want and I didn’t expect half a bit that u would understand

I don’t know whats gotten into u, ur not talking for a few month, but when I write something, u get that against me, ur assuming things, go ahead, I don’t care, ur not even knew me hard well but u really wants to read my mind, u want to know a secret? Most of myself with u are all FAKE. Its just a game play with myself, harsh world huh?get use to it coz ur naiveness will get to you sooner or later.

Case 4: I can go out with whoever I want whenever I want

U does not own me dammit, why should it be an issue when I go out with them and not with u? here is, ur pathetic , im a fren, not ur dad, im not paying for everything u want to do, u asking me to take u out but u expect me to rip my wallet apart? Get a job, buy yourself a couple of wallet, why needed mine? And if ur broke, don’t tag along , u are nothing but a disappointment and a burden. Im bad? Get real, this is life

Case 5: don’t trash anything and don’t mess with my stereo

Every time I bring u in my car, I found a new trash, u think im ur cleaner or what? And my car is not ur disco, u cant just pop on ir disc and sing along annoyingly. Did u went into somebody’s house and started treating their radios and TV’s as ur own? Its common sense, don’t mess with others thing And have integrity. If I do want to say anything u will be crying. I don’t like it when people mess with my car sound system, if u don’t like it, beat it, Get ur own car

Case 6: Don’t touch me

Don’t ever lean on me, hold my hand, kiss my cheek, hug me, and cling to me, my body and dignity is not for u to take ur hand all over me, I don’t care who u are, ur nothing, don’t touch me, go touch sum1 else if ur so damn desperate, not me, im not for sale like ur properties.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Get Use to it but Dont get use doing or being it

ever be a dissapointment? ever be dissapoint upon?

ever ask ourself why?

believe in Karma?

Maybe we did care too much

get use to it, even our bestfrens dissapoint us sometimes, but why did to care if we are dissapointed, the key is dont be a dissapointment, as we tend to feel good if we are able to fulfill what we a requested upon but we always do dissapoint ourself,

study , assignment , workload , fail to deliver

these are all just excuses, we are human, the greatest creation of all, so why did we stumble upon ourself? why we need to feel stressed out? because we think error-ly.

way to overcome? easy, use an "I message" instead of "U message"

i said to u : U Are late, u make me upset, u waste my time
people tend to be defensive and comes with dozens of excuses


I said to you : i upset because u are late, n i waste my time waiting,
people tend to say Sorry

and the other way is to trap themselves in their behaviour, lead by example
never dissapoint them, never be late, be with them, care for them
then if they fail to do the same
say to them: do i ever disappoint u?

that delivers a slap right to their face and just Pray to Allah that they will change, give them chance, we are in no shoes to hate and ignorance toward them

Stress? i love stress, its and opportunity to help me see how much i can handle my own life, if one cant even handle theirs, why should they bother with others? why get urself involve in their lives?nobody is perfect but u realize that everyday u wanted to be perfect till u crack,

to release stress, just learn to let go, u have something to do, do it, whats ur purpose of life? focus to that, it will help u,

dont ever be a DISSAPOINTER, at least to Allah, urself and Family,

>Rico Ridzhuan<

Thursday, March 17, 2011

U The Notorious

After a while

1. when u get into the Car u said APAKAH?? cant u believe it was me?
2. U still as secretive as ever, i admire that
3. I can still make u laugh so i can bug u when u eat
4. I Bz but if u ask me to ill show, i proves it right?
5. Still need ur consideration on my "work costume"
6. just do what i told u, it will help u calm
7. once again i tell u, u needed enything just tell, im just 10 minutes away
8. i may be harsh but look into myeyes sometimes
9. Ur hand is so damn cold and small.. mcm barbie
10. u make me talk good about u! i hate u!


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Racer Berpendidikan (EDUCATED RACER)

1. Mind ur distance, always able to see the rear wheel of the leading transport (in-front)
2. Have an Outstanding Brakes for racers, like one mine is Brembo's
3. Never Hesitate, it will cost u your life
4. Have at least 1500cc preferably 1800cc or above, i find it silly for a 650cc to go hundred on highway
5. Have a Steel Heart
6. Seat Belts must On MUST ON
7. Dont do This to Impress girl, its MAN-MACHINE Andrenaline, not for losers and posers
8. drive fast and with safety, even Schumacher does
9. have a mad Intercepting Skills and good sensitivity on Steering
10. Possess a Smart-Tag or Touch n Go card so ur not stupidly stuck at Toll

and Lastly, act good and slow if u spot a police block or patrol car, like one having driving lesson

i practice all this, How About U ,Chasers?
Watch out for a DARK BLUE CAR

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Outing With Brothers and Sisters

My Brothers - Alif Anuar and Raeff Ramli
My Sisters - Sheila Salim and Rosliza Nengsi

and Me

it was so hard these days for me to find my own free time, my work requires me 200% commitment so i deal with it, somehow i manage to steal some time and im free for the day
of March 13th, so no compromise, i find people i love the most

sendind them text messages to check on thier availability, find the place to hang out so i decided Sunway Piramid and Bangi, typical me, when we go out, i never tell them where we're going to, so they was thrilled,

i Pick up Sheila at 8, Raeff , Ros and Alif at 10, and typical them, them was so slow!

in Ona, 1 thing only we does, laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, Alif was pissed cos i lied to him that we are heading to OU and i was pulling a prank that i was panicked when i missed OU's turn. so he tells me that i also Missed Sunway's turn, and that cost me 2 U-Turns, i trust him so much that i listen to everything he said,

A promise is a promise, Sheila and Ros got Ice-Cream

Arrive at Sunway Piramid , we turn to Movies and did Big Momma's , and the movie was sick! i was laughing histerically that i kick the person in front of me, and my blind sister needed her specs to watch movies, and 1 thing that must happen, both my shoulder becomes pillow for them, they was ssters anyway, im pretty much belong to them anyway,

after a killing killer laugh, we head to eat MCD, where for the firsttime they were all big eaters except for Sheila and her Cute little fried Chickens, Ros, Alif and Raeff all hit a MEGA-MAC and i beat the Double-SPICY CHIC MCDELUXE and we were all shivering while eating.. and for the first time in my life, i hurt cos i eat, i was too damn full that only Sheila can walk straight, the four of us all covering our burger's pregnant belly, lol,

watching people hit their face on ice, we laugh again, Sheila got a new shoes however i didnt find my Gundam Wing Zero, and red box was too damn expensive for us, so we head to Bangi

yeah, typical me, we lost, round2 in the highway and we pop out at Warta Bangi, Sheila was laughing again coz she got Raeff's Lawak Kampus, and laugh for herself, here and there she flashes me on the strip but i was too lost, sorry sister, :)

so everytime we got in the car, we always laugh, sing loud, but they didnt realize that at Traffic light i open the window a bit so that everybody was watching us car, hahaha, take that!

after sending Raeff, we head back to Gombak where i sen Ros and Alif and lastly i Return Sheila to Hady, and i head off home, 180 like usual,

now im at office, thinking, ive been blessed with a good friend, Brother and Sister and i couldnt ask for more,

Thx u

So long No Outing, so i kick it IN!

Yesterday Sunday the 13th march

Thursday, March 10, 2011


whenever i dont have time to sit with u anymore, that means im busy, if u really knew me

if i suddenly change, i will make sure i change for the better, if u really knew me

if i say mean things to you, you know that i dont mean it, if u really knew me

i never do anything only for me, whatever i do, it has to be for somebody, if u really knew me

does i say no to you, and i will definitely say if i have to, if u really knew me

if i let u do what u want of i said not to, its for ur own good, if u really knew me

seeing me with girls, different one each time, were just frens, if u really knew me

dont ever tell me to do things that i hate, if u really knew me

if i suddenly kept quite doesnt mean i forget you, if u really knew me

dont try to get on my nerves, even i hate me angry, if u really knew me

look into myeyes, never i said something that was not true, if u really knew me

u are important to me, if u really knew me

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

im up on what right now?


my recklessness on commenting people, have to control that, i always shoot my comment up on their face regardless of their feeling, have to change that

procrastination - i always too confident on myself to finish task in short time, so whenever i got a new 1, ill hold it till near of the dateline, its finish anyway but i knew its not cool

i have to learn to say NO to my friends, working hard on that

Judgemental Thinking - as my 1st impression always seems right, i gave no change on people that make bad impression in my eyes, have to learn analytical thinking to analyze instead of judging

Care less for people that care less - realized that im No SUPERMAN, and believe me, i dont care for u if u dont care for urself

image change - walking posture, voice tone, im an adult noe so i have to act like 1

relationship - i see it only as obstacle to my ambition *for now*

re-schedule my life, its so jammed Packed


Truthfullness - never to lie

Competency - never says never on work

Integrity - dont do shamefull things

Image - a good person *hard*