Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Racer Berpendidikan (EDUCATED RACER)

1. Mind ur distance, always able to see the rear wheel of the leading transport (in-front)
2. Have an Outstanding Brakes for racers, like one mine is Brembo's
3. Never Hesitate, it will cost u your life
4. Have at least 1500cc preferably 1800cc or above, i find it silly for a 650cc to go hundred on highway
5. Have a Steel Heart
6. Seat Belts must On MUST ON
7. Dont do This to Impress girl, its MAN-MACHINE Andrenaline, not for losers and posers
8. drive fast and with safety, even Schumacher does
9. have a mad Intercepting Skills and good sensitivity on Steering
10. Possess a Smart-Tag or Touch n Go card so ur not stupidly stuck at Toll

and Lastly, act good and slow if u spot a police block or patrol car, like one having driving lesson

i practice all this, How About U ,Chasers?
Watch out for a DARK BLUE CAR

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