Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Get Use to it but Dont get use doing or being it

ever be a dissapointment? ever be dissapoint upon?

ever ask ourself why?

believe in Karma?

Maybe we did care too much

get use to it, even our bestfrens dissapoint us sometimes, but why did to care if we are dissapointed, the key is dont be a dissapointment, as we tend to feel good if we are able to fulfill what we a requested upon but we always do dissapoint ourself,

study , assignment , workload , fail to deliver

these are all just excuses, we are human, the greatest creation of all, so why did we stumble upon ourself? why we need to feel stressed out? because we think error-ly.

way to overcome? easy, use an "I message" instead of "U message"

i said to u : U Are late, u make me upset, u waste my time
people tend to be defensive and comes with dozens of excuses


I said to you : i upset because u are late, n i waste my time waiting,
people tend to say Sorry

and the other way is to trap themselves in their behaviour, lead by example
never dissapoint them, never be late, be with them, care for them
then if they fail to do the same
say to them: do i ever disappoint u?

that delivers a slap right to their face and just Pray to Allah that they will change, give them chance, we are in no shoes to hate and ignorance toward them

Stress? i love stress, its and opportunity to help me see how much i can handle my own life, if one cant even handle theirs, why should they bother with others? why get urself involve in their lives?nobody is perfect but u realize that everyday u wanted to be perfect till u crack,

to release stress, just learn to let go, u have something to do, do it, whats ur purpose of life? focus to that, it will help u,

dont ever be a DISSAPOINTER, at least to Allah, urself and Family,

>Rico Ridzhuan<

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