Sunday, March 27, 2011

JUST DON’T GET ME UPSET *im normal, I do get upset*

Case 1: Unknown Number

I believe the alien was a she. Out of the blue SMS me and I haven’t recorded her number, with all of kind I asked “who is this” and she nonsensely answer “awek Lame(old Girlfriend’) I kindly said that that is not possible but she keep taunting me, as I repeatly asked for her Identity, she keeps playing so I curse her a lot, and she cried… I don’t give a shit, u started it, and yeah farewell, I don’t befriend stupid people, I hate it when sumone nonsensely taunting me, I don’t care if ur not in my life, u aren’t worthed to be anyway, u said that we use to be on the same class, u stupid or what? Are in a class just consist u and me? Get a grip, if u really does knew me, u will understand, oh , u will not understand, as I said ur too damn stupid to answer “who are u “ with Pokemon as an answer.

Case 2: Want to meet me but need me to go to you and questioning my life

This really get on my nerve , I don’t know what type or person this is, they wanna meet me but no effort on showing up, asking me to come to their doorsteps. What kind of loser are they, u wanna meet me then come and see me, how dare u said that everytime u want to “lepak” I don’t show, n u stupidly questioning my free time, and as I have many girl as friend, u question that too, U own Me HUH? Get a grip, I don’t hang out with losers, im not offended that u said I don’t show if u ask but im offended when ur questioning my life, never once u bring food to my doorsteps so just go to hell

Case 3: I write what I want and I didn’t expect half a bit that u would understand

I don’t know whats gotten into u, ur not talking for a few month, but when I write something, u get that against me, ur assuming things, go ahead, I don’t care, ur not even knew me hard well but u really wants to read my mind, u want to know a secret? Most of myself with u are all FAKE. Its just a game play with myself, harsh world huh?get use to it coz ur naiveness will get to you sooner or later.

Case 4: I can go out with whoever I want whenever I want

U does not own me dammit, why should it be an issue when I go out with them and not with u? here is, ur pathetic , im a fren, not ur dad, im not paying for everything u want to do, u asking me to take u out but u expect me to rip my wallet apart? Get a job, buy yourself a couple of wallet, why needed mine? And if ur broke, don’t tag along , u are nothing but a disappointment and a burden. Im bad? Get real, this is life

Case 5: don’t trash anything and don’t mess with my stereo

Every time I bring u in my car, I found a new trash, u think im ur cleaner or what? And my car is not ur disco, u cant just pop on ir disc and sing along annoyingly. Did u went into somebody’s house and started treating their radios and TV’s as ur own? Its common sense, don’t mess with others thing And have integrity. If I do want to say anything u will be crying. I don’t like it when people mess with my car sound system, if u don’t like it, beat it, Get ur own car

Case 6: Don’t touch me

Don’t ever lean on me, hold my hand, kiss my cheek, hug me, and cling to me, my body and dignity is not for u to take ur hand all over me, I don’t care who u are, ur nothing, don’t touch me, go touch sum1 else if ur so damn desperate, not me, im not for sale like ur properties.

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