Sunday, March 13, 2011

Outing With Brothers and Sisters

My Brothers - Alif Anuar and Raeff Ramli
My Sisters - Sheila Salim and Rosliza Nengsi

and Me

it was so hard these days for me to find my own free time, my work requires me 200% commitment so i deal with it, somehow i manage to steal some time and im free for the day
of March 13th, so no compromise, i find people i love the most

sendind them text messages to check on thier availability, find the place to hang out so i decided Sunway Piramid and Bangi, typical me, when we go out, i never tell them where we're going to, so they was thrilled,

i Pick up Sheila at 8, Raeff , Ros and Alif at 10, and typical them, them was so slow!

in Ona, 1 thing only we does, laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh, Alif was pissed cos i lied to him that we are heading to OU and i was pulling a prank that i was panicked when i missed OU's turn. so he tells me that i also Missed Sunway's turn, and that cost me 2 U-Turns, i trust him so much that i listen to everything he said,

A promise is a promise, Sheila and Ros got Ice-Cream

Arrive at Sunway Piramid , we turn to Movies and did Big Momma's , and the movie was sick! i was laughing histerically that i kick the person in front of me, and my blind sister needed her specs to watch movies, and 1 thing that must happen, both my shoulder becomes pillow for them, they was ssters anyway, im pretty much belong to them anyway,

after a killing killer laugh, we head to eat MCD, where for the firsttime they were all big eaters except for Sheila and her Cute little fried Chickens, Ros, Alif and Raeff all hit a MEGA-MAC and i beat the Double-SPICY CHIC MCDELUXE and we were all shivering while eating.. and for the first time in my life, i hurt cos i eat, i was too damn full that only Sheila can walk straight, the four of us all covering our burger's pregnant belly, lol,

watching people hit their face on ice, we laugh again, Sheila got a new shoes however i didnt find my Gundam Wing Zero, and red box was too damn expensive for us, so we head to Bangi

yeah, typical me, we lost, round2 in the highway and we pop out at Warta Bangi, Sheila was laughing again coz she got Raeff's Lawak Kampus, and laugh for herself, here and there she flashes me on the strip but i was too lost, sorry sister, :)

so everytime we got in the car, we always laugh, sing loud, but they didnt realize that at Traffic light i open the window a bit so that everybody was watching us car, hahaha, take that!

after sending Raeff, we head back to Gombak where i sen Ros and Alif and lastly i Return Sheila to Hady, and i head off home, 180 like usual,

now im at office, thinking, ive been blessed with a good friend, Brother and Sister and i couldnt ask for more,

Thx u

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