Tuesday, March 8, 2011

im up on what right now?


my recklessness on commenting people, have to control that, i always shoot my comment up on their face regardless of their feeling, have to change that

procrastination - i always too confident on myself to finish task in short time, so whenever i got a new 1, ill hold it till near of the dateline, its finish anyway but i knew its not cool

i have to learn to say NO to my friends, working hard on that

Judgemental Thinking - as my 1st impression always seems right, i gave no change on people that make bad impression in my eyes, have to learn analytical thinking to analyze instead of judging

Care less for people that care less - realized that im No SUPERMAN, and believe me, i dont care for u if u dont care for urself

image change - walking posture, voice tone, im an adult noe so i have to act like 1

relationship - i see it only as obstacle to my ambition *for now*

re-schedule my life, its so jammed Packed


Truthfullness - never to lie

Competency - never says never on work

Integrity - dont do shamefull things

Image - a good person *hard*

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