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A pair of high school students, Kei Kurono and Masaru Kato, are hit by a subway train in an attempt to save the life of a homeless drunk who had fallen onto the tracks. Following their deaths, Kurono and Kato find themselves transported to the interior of an unfurnished Tokyo apartment. The pair soon realize others are present and find that they are not able to leave the apartment. At one end of the room there is a featureless black sphere known as "Gantz".

After some time in the room, the Gantz sphere opens up, revealing a bald naked man with a breathing mask and wires attached to his head, and three racks protruding from it, that offer various items for them to use. These include the custom fitting black suits Gantz makes for each of them, giving them super-human abilities, a controller which acts as a radar and stealth unit, and three types of guns.

When the Gantz sphere opens, green text appears on its surface, informing those present that their "lives have ended and now belong" to him. A picture and brief information is shown of some of the Gantz Targets, Gantz ordering them to go and kill them. All but one target shown thus far, have been aliens living on Earth, which take on a wide variety of forms. After a period of time which varies between missions, everyone except Gantz are transported to the location of the mission.

Those sent cannot return from the mission until all enemies have been killed, or the time limit has run out. If they survive a successful mission, each individual is awarded points for the aliens they have killed. They are then allowed to leave, and live their lives as they see fit until Gantz summons them back again for the next mission. The only way to stop having to participate in the missions is to earn one hundred points, and choose the option to be freed. Several participants are killed through the third mission they are given, leaving Kurono as the only survivor and the new leader from the "Gantz Team". However, as the series continues, Kurono participates with the objective to revive his deceased friends with the 100 points he can obtain throughout the missions.

After several missions, Gantz's sphere indicates that the human race will be over in a week for an unknown reason, but it also frees all the participants from the game. A week later, a massive alien force invades the Earth and begins exterminating the human race, while Kurono and his companions try their best to make use of Gantz's advanced technology and weaponry in order to take a stand against the alien invasion.

now feast ur eyes upon this!!!

perhaps this is Kurono Kei?

Live actress leaked Photos

Sweetest weapon ever! have x-ray vision and 15 second interval

GANTZ- Where the points is calculated and weaponry shelf! also Mission parameters!


My History with GANTZ!

1st encounter= KREKO on 2003

1st time ive ever read this manga i was stunning by the details of the drawing and only the Ecchi stuffs. but as i follow up the chapters the plot getting better and better and building the character in a unique splendid way. this is no Dragonball or Naruto my friends, this is something else!!! as Kurono Kei Character evolve from a loser to hero and the love life he share, the ambition he wanted to grasp and most of all, he develop his fighting skill in every mission, the best part is? he died once! and Masaru Katou revive him at the cost of a 100 points!!


1.KURONO KEI! YEAHHHH. from a selfish bastard he become a hero!
2.Shion Izumi- gantz obsessor, kill wherever he was point to, even try to kill KEI
3.Nishi - he seems to go way back with Gantz, he knows a lot.. a coward bastard
4.Sakurai Hiroto- A psychic freak! kills with his Psychic power!!
5. OKA HACHIROU- Complete 7 phase of the Gantz Game! WTHHH???

The Live Action already release so im getting my butt out to cinema.. but i think Malaysia is not going to take part because the violance in the Movie... think that will stop me? NOOO

Im going to Singapore for a movie!!!


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