Wednesday, January 19, 2011

its not much, but i think it will help,

1.Dont Act like u feel, Act the way u want to feel
- my experience: i once a reckless guy, stupidly barge in without thinking of others, push away everyone in my way, but i didnt accept people doing the same thing to me, i want to be acknowledge, i want to be accept, but me is reluctance about that to other people, is it fair?

2.being polite cost nothing but it pays great dividends
-my life: im rude, yeah, but now i control it but i will become rude again if i was tested, n i poorly can control my emotion, my solution, be polite, even if its hurting, but the time will tell if the seed u seam will fruit endlessly,

3.walk, talk and act confidently and u will soon feel more confident too
-My experience: i often stay at the back, thats why i was so like a shadow, but if u confident and step up, it will let people see that u are there, and even u say something wrong, laugh it out so that the atmostphere will get better,

4.the jobs isnt finish until the tool are put away,
-My experience: dont be a 95 percenter, do u leave ur car while the key still inside or the engine still on? same in friendship, we be friends until our soul leave us, dont ever hate, hate is like a hammer without a head, hitteng blindly but never hits the nail

5.quitters will never make it to winner circle
-my experience: always been hurt, always at fault, always insecure but i stick with one saying, the rain will stop anytime if u still going to wait for it, 1 word, Redha, even my dad give me the money after i endlessly begged him for straight week, :)

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