Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Month on February

i share to all of u all of the songs that really meant a lot to me , and why?? hahah and some lyrics thats really facinating

1. Everywhere-Michelle Branch : 1st song ive ever played on guitar
-cos ur everywhere to me, when i close my eyes its u i see,

2. Scars - Papa Roach : help me get through my pain :)
- i pissed when u come around, why dont u just go home

3. Always Somewhere - Scorpions : 1st song ive ever played infront of a girl
- miss u where iv been, ill be back to love u again

4. Everything im not - The veronicas : Mira like this and give it to me, sound of her heart
- cos the girl, that u want, she was tearing us apart, and shes everything im not

5. Figure 9 - Linkin Park : help me know who i am
- i cant seperate, myself from what ive done, giving up a part of me, ive let myself become u!

6. Life - Yui : Song that help me through my college days
-a wings for me to fly is already in, i can change my life

7. Rolling Star - Yui : hearing this song make me wanna beat someone up, energizer
- i strike a fighting pose, a small smirk

8. Someone Watching over me - Hilary Duff : reminds me very much of her
- it doesnt matter what people said, it doesnt matter how long it take

9. MIA - Avenged Sevenfold : my lullaby if i cant sleep
-to challenge me u must be strong, walk ur land but dont belong

10. Hey There Delilah : Eryna 19th birthday present
- 2 more years and u be done with school and ill be making history like ive do

11. Cold - Crossfade : 1st song ive ever sang duet with a guy, hahaha,
- what i really meant to say, is im sorry for the way i am, i never meant to be so cold

12. Break You - Marion Raven : a rocking girl with vampirish look and a killer voice!
-what goes around comes around u should know by now

13. Runaway - Linkin Park : song when i become a skateboard freak back there
-i wanna runaway, and never say goodbye

14. Iron Maiden - Rainmaker : make me want to roll and headbanging!!
- u tell me we can sop the rain, u tell me that we all can change

15. SOS - Good Charlotte : have a sentimental value of a loser
- im lost here, i cant make it on my own, i dont wanna die alone,

16. The River - Good Charlote : 1st song to be jam with a complete stranger band

- to the praying mother and the worry father, let your children go
if they come back they will come home stronger and if they dont u'll know

17. Bidadari - XOS Grand : yg redha dan menerima
- pergilah, bidadariku, kejarlah kemahuan mu, teruskan tanpa aku

18. Pelangi - XOS Grand : tentang moving on, best!
- sudahlah, pergi saja, aku sudah tak peduli lagi, hanyutlah dibawa angim, pergilah

19. AKU - XOS Grand : tentang seorang yg setia smpi mati
- berikanlah, kunci kepintu hatimu, yg dapat aku tuju, mencari sinar hidupmu
walaupun kau benci aku, aku tetap menyanjungmu, kerana itulah aku,

20. Ignorance - Paramore : somehow this is related to me, very much
- im just a person but u cant take it, the same tricks that, that once fooled me,
they wont get u anywhere, im not the same kid from ur memories
well now i can fend for my self

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