Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simuka Petak

Wahai SiNadnod yg Dikasihi, dengar sini Beta ingin Betitah,

huhu, since u appeared in my life, ive been happier, been stronger, been better, and u gave me the sense of accompaniment,

U are so cute, :) and i have to be like that so we look good together, u look like a 15 years old but i look like 30 years old :D

everytime u laugh i get charged up, i hate to see ur sad face but u always make me look at ur Seposen face and ur hidung kembang face, :)

i got nothing syg, just some good looks muahahaha

maybe i just lack the reason to love u, but i truly does, i dont have the words for it,

love ur laugh, ur smile, ur dorkiness,

maybe i just continue to love u and everytime we fight, its just take 10 minutes to fall in love with each other again,

i love u, appreciate u being with me all this time,

and this is when i dragged u to Midvalley without Makeup, Natural Beauty, hihik


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