Saturday, November 19, 2011

Im sorry if that Hurts U

U know what is my career, Im a Motivator, A Trainer,

when one program comes it will have the agenda, and i cant do anything if my client ask for a WhiteWater Rafting, Jungle Nightwalk and Caving at Gua Tempurung.

As A trainer, i must.. no... I have to do everything, with them, or not im not walking my talk, i motivate them on how to conquer your fear, about teamwork, about self confidence but as u said the activity is dangerous and u mad at me because of that, i understand, but what about my 67 people of participants that wants to see me in front and show them success if they have positive thinking

im not a robot, i feel scared, very scared, but i have to do what i talk about in class or ill be a total All-talks person or other words a Loser,

onWhitewater Rafting, yes the boat flipped twice and i nearly drowned, i nearly died, so what, if Allah wants me back, im glad, i was wash out with the current almost 2.5 Kilometers coz i was at front boat and theres no other people in front, so the guide in the boat have to save another three people at my boat and let me go, i was drinking river water, yes, i was smacked by rocks all over my body, i was hit by trees but dont focus on that

u know what participants says to me when the activity was over?
"Encik Ridzhuan dah tunjukkan saya apa tujuan sebenar kita perlu teruskan hidup dan maksud pengorbanan, saya takkan lupa apa yang Encik ajar saya seumur hidup saya"

n u know why i dont give up and keep struggling in rapids current of the river?
"i Have to go back to myNadnod"
and it stucks to my head for almost 2.5 KM

Other two is Jungle Nightwalk and Caving, i have to do it, i have to lead them, and i hope u understand what i have to do, i dont like to work like a one selfish bastard that only cares for salary,

i want to change people lifes, make them a better person, im no better myself but if i can show them what its like , transfer my knowledge ill be satisfied,

i know u were hurt but i cant turn back time, even if i can, ill still be leading my people doing what they scared the most


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