Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Mira :)

She asked me, :) if u come back, would i leave her for u? i think u knew the answer, :) still a No,

Since u have been gone i filled with regrets, so i discover that i love u, its true, but its only fills with guiltiness and my regrets, even if u come back we can never be together because if our bonds is true, i will feel it even if ur still here today but no, its only after u have been gone, im only missing u

as for her, this is ever the first time i feel like this, and this is it, its with her, not u, her, even when she still with someone, i feel it, i love her, so i waited, and i have my time, and to you i promise, ill never let her go, im sure, nobody can take care and love her more than i do, im confident of that, and if someone to steal her away, i wont get back without a fight but the decision is always at her hand, i wont stop her from her happiness, but my injury will be severe, hahaha

i think Allah loves u more so u are taken away, :) someday we will meet again and i will bring her to you and you two can be sisters

i do love you , but i love her more now,

and you, Nadnod, think u will get away? no way, I got u, :)

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