Wednesday, September 28, 2011

what i hope but not what i hope the most

yesterday we see each other again, im so damn sleepy and tired n i know when i see u it will all go away, for just being with u i can be me, im everything i told u i am, im not some cikgu or trainer which i pretend to be for work, im a kid that u need to hold my hand and just let me cried out loud singing for u at the bus stop

the makcik was looking coz she dengki

and i see how u cant let me go easily

on friday i want u to be with me on my life changing steps, so i treasure the moment of triumph with u, one i love, even if i fail, i know u will be there for me but nahh... u have to go to your class, because i told u to, ill be challenging these things alone myself , like always

sorry i lost my temper coz of ur handfon loss story

sorry i sing loud that u got embarrased

i love u

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