Friday, October 14, 2011

quit feeling that way, its not like that

ur crying, this is okay by me with reasons, but im not okay coz ur crying becoz of urself, u said that ur hurting somebody, u said that u hurted me, NO its not like that, why are u so obsessed on thinking what people feel about u? and dont u bother asking me what i feel about u?

in hadith has stated, Firman Allah, tiada aku menguji seseorang manusia itu melainkan dgn kesanggupannya

so why are u grieving? why are u depressed? has some Istifar, God is smiling upon u, God is talking to u, u should know that u have been gift to make me happy whatever u do, isnt that enough yet? and u have someone who willing to die as long as he can see u happy, isnt that enough yet?

take a deep breath, remember who u are and what are u supposed to do, they come and go but its always u who can make your life change, i hope u just for one minute, be grateful, not sad that ur being tested

dont say that u dont want to burden me, believe me, ill be there for u and urs concern is so fragile that surely i have no effect on just knowing this, u know i hate to see u cry yet u does, its ok to feel weak but never be actually weak,

i <3 u , thats so i said something,

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