Thursday, March 28, 2013

Life's Ups and Downs

i oftenly doesn't care but as this stress is accumulated i have to funnel it all out, i knew myself, if i tell what i feel to somebody i will feel better, doesn't matter its solved the issues or not,

nowadays, i started to feel bored, pain from my job, i feel restricted i feel insufficient, and don't blame me if i move on, im browsing for jobs, my life expenses has becoming so close with my salary that makes me near death in end of the month, and i cant even save a fund for myself, or for our relationship

the ways i feel on working here, not the work, but the environment, full of male gossipers, talks but no bangs, and i think its little by little im becoming them so i have to stop, and the pay, little too low, n there's double standards happening on here, well im not going to play you guys games, so off i go, this also makes me feel restricted, im not allowed to get sick and im not allowed to have a day off, my position is so crucial yet the pay, hmm, cant blame it on the company if the sales is so weak month by month, n they do forget the fact that im alone surviving in the world,

looking for another opportunity out there,

and i think im going to set up a company with this friend, we have to start new but i really doubt that hes willing to come clean on how the condition of his company and what hes willing to do to salvage his company, because sometimes, i feel the lazyness of working so i want to start managing

My love,
:) you however has accumulated more and more happiness in me, thx for your company during tides and low, thats why i really really really wants to makes u infinitely mine~! please root for me more, ill need it

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