Monday, November 8, 2010

Most Happy DAy of my Life Top 10 *working progress*

10. On 2007 Located in Burger King Freezer Restoran Jejantas Sungai Buloh

- The Rebellious Me Works At Burger King to accompany my best Friend Farah Mohamad, everyday , the easy snapping me got a nickname "Mara-Mara" given by Veteran Auntie Saemah coz everyday i was angry and snapping even to my manager. Everyday i got a Whooper Junior for a staff meal, and im sick of it, so i search for other restaurant workers to swap it with me, haha, sometimes i got A&W Mozza burger, Chicken Rice, KFC, Dunkin Donut and more, so 1 day i got no mood to eat but my Friend Saepul Saripah that works in Baskin Robin offer to swap my Whopper with his 7 Scoop ice cream, and i said yes, haha

Farah saw me carrying the Ice cream into the freezer but she wonder why i came out without eating it, coz i got mood swing at that time, so she started to make her cat face and begging me for the icecream, so i say go get it yourself, she pull my hand into the freezer, sit in the hell cold freezing room and started sharing eating ice cream, i was shivering and she kept making her stupidly happy face, so i laugh along as well, and because of the cold, eating icecream and imagining were in a snowy weather was sooo stupid, but im happy, that day, For my best friend

9. Fraser Hill Penang *dorks* on 2006

Principle of My school ask me to bring a few friends to his National Principle Meeting and to make a welcoming showcase, so i bring Madan, Zam, Najwa and Yan to accompany me, and dorkilly The great Azhar Yatim doesnt want to come and ask me to take care of the 4 monkeys entirely, a week of intense training, and the night before the day we was sitting in circle and i started stating, " so far is Fraser Hill, 6 hours of bus ride!" and the monkeys asking me, Why? i said, "it was in Penang, Duhhh!!!" they look a t each other even not laughing,

on 8 am i was talking to the bus driver to make a safe journey, and we satrted our way. but i was so astonished that we arrive after 1 and half hour of Ride? OMG!!! Fraser Hill only located in RAub!!!! i was in Bentong, that time the monkeys was laughing at me hard even i got nightmare till today, but the trip was so good and i was so happy as hell that time!

8.Consist Explorace

- As a Die hard fan of The Amazing Race, I was thrill to join the thing but after a few minute me and Ijat already settle all of our task, I feel only 1% of my andrenaline pumping but I Was force to stop because the competition was a child’s play,

I guess years of RPG practice paid off somehow, that Coded text was the lamest one ive ever seen, lol, Consist standards after all

7. Helicopter Tragedy

- In Sementa Bentong , we Raf Corps are well known for the obedience, reputation, looks, skill, adored and 1 thing the Teachers does not know of that our naughty level exceed far from the so called naughtiest boy in the school, the differences is we Raf Corps, never get caught,

One silent night Zam suddenly challenge me on our Original Candy Competition, where we have to suck the sweet the fastest and the loser have to face punishment, well, as a reigning champion I have my reputation to hold on to, but that day as the competition goes , I nearly get beaten by Zam by the interval of 6 seconds, I savour a lollypop for only a minute and 16 second, BEAT THAT!

Bob and Hanis are the slowest so, punishment time, as for me, I ask them to drink the water from the Water Cooler but, I ask them to drink from the red side , the temperature of the water is enough to cook Maggi for 3 minutes flat! As for Zam, he simply ask Hanis to do a 15 Helicopter turn and ran 10 meter , but stupidly Hanis only done 8 turn and lay down the lawn as if hes dead! We laugh out loud till Fadhil the warden came down and try to bust us, but his low level of perception got us away, how we does that? Please read the first paragraph again. Hahahaha

6. Rakan Muda Camps , Eryna Natasha Trilogy

- 2006, as an Active Rakan Muda member, I was called to assist the AJK of state to be a Facilitator in Rakan Muda camping 2006, as a Faci, seriously I have to be serious, I bring Mira with me as she begging to tag along, the camping is held at Rimba Komanwel Rawang

The Trilogy begins as Day 1, when the setting of tent, I heard a voice whining as the tent was small and the water was dirty and zillion of other things so I head to see which princess has enter our camp, oh, that Skinny girl with ballon face, I decided to hell with it, as the whining continues, on second day, the jungle tracking is held where I was to follow from the very back as our guide heads to lead the way, that day, Eryna snap her leg and crying and not able to walk, duhh,, Me and Mira has to carry her back to camp as our medics await, her whining stops that day, Mira was smiling and looking at me with sparkling eyes, lol, that night , Eryna follows me around, she even push Mira away when she around, hahaha, whats wrong with the girl?

As the camping ends I got a phone number with a thank you note, but I misplace it and its loss, the camping on the other hand is very happy coz most of the kids involve does not know I was 17 as them, mature looks huh?

5. Skateboard Times

- Because of no activities, few friends and I become a full fledge street skater on 2003, the happy times of that time when we knew whats the meaning of friendship, courage, patience, hardwork and good mentality, that time I only got a massive theory in my head but only a little skill on my leg, skate cost me 6 broken bones and cracks, hahaha, but that time we was chase by girls, boys wanna make friends, because we always on our skate getup, at least a pair of DC and Etnies Shoes, hahah

4. Farah Fatin Hassim

- I always smile when I hear her name, haha, I knew her on my 2nd year of College , she was very naïve and in 2 days of friendship we was so attach like brother and sister already, giving each other pet names, calling and SmS-ing,

on my first day getting my licence, I ask Awan to accompany me to meet her for the first time as we knew each other on MYspace, I got several problems with handling my car for the firsttime, but we manage to get to Batang Kali anyway, I call her and said I was in front of her house, surprise! And I was happy I met her, for the first and last time,

Ara is her Nickname, Same as my Car 5755 :D

3. Family First Vacation, Langkawi 2002

- our family never afford vacation at that time, but IJM takes all its staff for Gombak Permai for a 4 days trip to Langkawi, that was a best vacation ever , we stay at 5 stared Aseana Resort and have our own Tourist Guide,

That was the place of meeting between me and Stupid Mizuno Yukimura from Japan, we bump each other in the swimming pool and after that we fight for the breakfast omelette , but he has a damn cute sister name Yuki, that time, I was in love,, hahaha

Two happy things, best vacation and best pen pal!

2. Reunion With 1BestariBoys

- on 2010, because I was starting my career, I was destined to meet again with all of my best friend at Sungai Kertas, as I live in Rawang, I can meet them by only 15minutes of journey, so im grateful to meet them again as I learn our group has getting lager so I need more time to catch up,

U guys change a lot an I afraid me too, J Friends Forever KKS

1. Happiest of My life


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