Monday, November 1, 2010

Let Me tell ,,To me , As a Guy

> i dont get easily scared by the other guys

> i dont really attend small things

> im not going to say hi or smile to people that i think arent worthed

>i can live my life well enough alone but glad if i have someone to talk to

>i got my worries, believe me i dont have a perfect life

>i strongly does not feel comfortable on bringing somebody's girlfriend out even she is my beasties sorry bout this, we both understand but i fear he might not.

>i can give u my shoulder to borrow, but i only got two of them, and in limited time they will wither

>nobody disturb me when im sleeping and my PS2 times

>i have goals, to achieve it ill do anything but not everything

>i dont like people throwing garbage in my car, believe me, i know who does it

>i dont do anything i wont do and i know wht i want in my life

>i never hate people but sometimes they disgust me

>i am dangerous, if i cant get it physically, ill get it mentally, if else fails, ill get somebody to do it for me

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