Sunday, October 31, 2010


Since 2006 ive give up 3 things that makes me up :D, i give it up because i thought it was the core of my mistake to her,

why did i give these things up? because the things makes me arrogant and so full of myself so after the tragedy i decided that these are the things i done that distance myself from her, so i give it up so that my other friends dont have to feel the same way as she does, but then i realize, i was all wrong

These things are making up The Rico, so if 1 of them is missing its not me anymore, im tired of pretending so from now, 2011 hopefully i will give it 100% cause these are the things that i really like to do, but from now on also i have to taught myself to be humble for waht i have coz if Allah takes it away i dont know when or where, so enjoy my hobbies while it last, :)

4 years i live in despair and regrets, talking to my friends seem not to ease my guilt but somehow grow it more, on that faithful night, she sat next to me, and said dont give up the things that u want to do, like to do, happy to do it, with that stupid smile of her, somehow she seems so damn happy, she says that be yourself, be what are u are made of, stand out the uniqueness in u, then she walk away , i was sitting there 1000 times stupid

i like the Physical things, i like the thrill of speeds and skill, and i like various sounds and smiles

im doing that back!

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