Sunday, October 10, 2010

Me Standing Still But Everytime Im Losing

Last nitght was a really bad night, I lose Ara, i Lose 1 more thing, its not because of im too pushy like always but its a matter of rejection, which im really use too, everytime,

Why am i supposed to have what i want, although it mutual, whats wrong with me? talking to friends for once and a while really keep me back on track, because most of them really do are for me, and even them dont want me to get a silly scratch, but always is, truth hurts, but its not about the truth i seek but its about the truth i see, its a lie if i dont feel a thing, ive done things, but i feel worthless, i say things but its not listened, whats bad of me, that when i started something i will finish it, work out or not its not an issue, but ill be always trying,

Losing someone, i used to carry that feeling everyday, its not easy to bear it but willingness to move on spirited me, maybe, if i have faith i will make it out somehow,

Thx K for the talk, and thx all my frens to make me realize that is im making mistakes now, ...

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