Sunday, October 24, 2010

Disaster strikes again, but im Here like always, still standing

Disaster? haha

10th October 2010 - Ara Disaster

at night on the 10th, me and Mira heads to Puncak Perdana when it all went bad, my carelessness take both of our precious times, we was playing at the side of Kepong Freeway when Ara 's Heart Burst and everything inside it crumble bad! calls a few friends and it got settled but im back to Sungai Kertas for the whole day of 11th, discussion with mechanics confirm, Ara needs a new Engine, i was so sad to leave her there but i had to, my carelessness and she has to pay, and i think Ara wont be available for a while, so that my heart is so damn cloudy and i cant think straight of sadness, i hesitate and i nearly cry *its ok for a man to cry*

19th October 2010 - Career Disaster

when talking about Replacement, i expected something much more than myself, but guess what, it was myself , 8 month ago of myself, wth?? i got re-stationed and i dont wanna bother about my last station anymore, but what happen is i got to teach them everything i know, everything i experienced for the past 8 month, its nothing to be fussy about but i expected someone that are more skillful than me to take my place, the negotiation with my boss went bad n i decided to hell with it, i resigned! and now, im planting grapes on my Ma's Yard, but this come across my Principle and i dont follow an incompetent persons order coz they only thinks for themselves, i dont care who u are what u do, ive seen what u can do and i know i cant progress myself by being with u, so im moving on

21st October 2010 - Cousin Disaster, drags me Along with it

got a call from my cousin at 9.15pm, rush to her at UITM Puncak Alam, she loses her Handphone and she knew who stole it so ask me to get it back for her, but the boy went berserk when i ask for the phone, says that she humiliated him in front of class, say, u did take the phone there? and from the trouble that already constrict me i burst and i end up on teaching him manners, 17 and already wants to hold the world so i cant help it, at 9.30 i was so mad that i come home kicking the gate and roaring madly, but really, i cant help it, its just that the life has got to me, :)

24th October 2010 - Manila Jakarta Uncertainty

i came across a proposal of work, whether its Jakarta of Indonesia, or Manila of Phillipines , both of them is building construction, both of them is high risk of hazard workplace, both of them is far, both of them needs passport, both of them requires me to start from scracth, but malay saying says this, Hujan emas dinegeri org hujan batu dinegeri sendiri, so i turn down the proposal
its not because of demanding but everything i got is in Malaysia, so why bother?

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