Saturday, October 9, 2010

Am i Really a Workaholic?

i think that im the laziest human on earth, i didnt do much, in my free time im just lying down, on bed, on sofa, on floor, but yesterday KP ask me to go home and leave all the paperwork in the Vitara. i said later, but i manage to slip few of the drawings back home in staff's house which im working on till 12 a.m yesterday, am i really a workaholic?

She sms me on 11.40 , it was such a small matter but i burst! not because of her, its because of my head are on the tense state of calculations and my eyes tired and watery. after 5 mnutes i gain my senses, i call her, she sounded so weak, so sad, i feel like from the laziest human on earth that i become a biggest jerk in this universe,

n i think this is the first time that ive talked to her this much, im not much of a talker n not much of the thinker, but talking to her calms me, her voice soothes me, make me calm, make me refresh, i dont know, but her dorkiness gets to me, can u believe she pop out Batu caves in the middle of VAmpires' talk? that cracks me up hard and i was laughing hysterically, thx Mydear, this year was rough but u make me laugh hard so ill remember that

after i talked to her, magically i walk past of my works and wrapped myself in my Apple Comforter, put my head on my Apple pillow and i black out, this morning when i woke up i lose myself, i forgot my phone, im wearing my fancy shoes till KP tells me, i want u to go back to home at 2, and dont come till i told u to!

its like ive won the world cup, i drive insanely back home and eat, sleep and play ps2 till im writing my stupid blog rite now,,

the bottom line is, am i really look like Shia Labeouf?

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