Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sigh.. Love Love Love

In one Calm Morning, I sit at the Dining table with typical No-Mood-Up from Sleep Face and My Ma come to me and make me a drink, our conversation was something like this

Ma: Along, balik tak ari ni atau tido kat Rawang
Me: Balik Ma
Ma: Ma tgk Along pegi keje balik keje je, Along ni takde Kawan ke?
Me: Ade, Alip ngan Mus tuh, ade je
Ma: Maksud Ma kwn perempuan, Gf,
Me: .............
Ma: Keje dan Tolong Family tu penting, tp Along kene jaga diri juga, Tak salah cr Org ntuk share Problem, sebab Ma tau Along mmg Tak cite sume bende ngan Ma
Me: Ma ckp ape ni?
Ma: Jd Normal Along, Jgn jadi seorg yg pentingkan diri, Ma rse dah cukup ape yg Along bg
Me: .............
Ma: pegi je cri yg sesuai
Me: easier talk than done Ma, i have nothing to give to them
Ma: Ada, bg ape yg Along Bg kat Family, pd die,
Me: Sape?
Ma: Mulakan dgn Gambar Perempuan kat Wallpaper Handphone Along tu
Me: tgk la dulu Ma,

Starts with A girl in my Phone Wallpaper, hmm, i just have no guts to tell her that was really what i want, afraid she might hate me and ruin our friendship, hate to see her cry , once before i was a liar, saying things that not in my heart, once im true, saying everything truely but it become intimidating. but now i dont say anything, and ive yet to see the consequences, Ive never experience Commited relationships so i think thats what i fear, to start, maybe someday i will be overturn by a girl, then just lets see, rushing into something will get u nowhere,

** Before my Ma says: Sekolah dulu, takyah nak menggatal cr makwe, but now, it changes

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