Tuesday, September 28, 2010


if its consider as bakat then i have this one thing, i tend to be not care for about an instant.

lets say, im caring for u, asking how ur doing, are u well, even pat the dust off ur shoulder, but sometimes, i just change, i will be so blur and seems like dont care anymore, i look for a sign, and if i found it, i will be more caring or suddenly i dont want to see u, its nothing wrong with you, it is about me, so dont be like sad or feeling cheated or anything

Last nite i saw this girl, ive known her for two years. but i saw something in her eyes so i decided to leave her be from now on, im sorry but i have to do this. :)

the weakness that i have is i easily fall for someone, but i also easy to forget my foolish feeling anytime, im no one, so just beat it and see the whole world for urself,

and note this, if i see a pie surrounded by flies, i will leave the pie, someone decide to protect the pie by exterminate flies, but not for me, if its too sweet, i will get diabetes, so just let the flies have it

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