Sunday, September 26, 2010

What if U is me?

u will be -:

1. 169cm tall
2. weight varies extremely, last call 56kg
3. Always sleepy
4. hardcore RPG gamers
5. Musical, poetic kind of person
6. hard to trust coz seems so unreal
7. just have near death experience
8. crazy about sneakers Particularly Converse
9. Drive recklessly
10. sleep a lot, and ignore everything during the time
11. treasure someone that gives the same
12. dont give a D*mn about anyone else excepts for ............
13. live in a complicated family
14. money always last
15. Do anything truely
16. i destroy more than i create
17. loves Kim Taeyeon of Girls Generation
18. talents? absolute Poker face
19. have laughing problems
20. do anything to solve problems
21. not so good in fashion sense
22. sometimes a mute
23. mood swings by time, 10pm, and morning, like it quite
24. love childrens
25. have cooking brain but bone is heavy
26. sarcastic mind, please beware
27. dont try untried food but try untried games
28. items collectors
29. online evryday but never feel addicted, have no problems to leave it for a while
30. always up to something, not a person with empty mind

ordinary? complicated? typical? u judge

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