Monday, April 18, 2011

Thinking Error that I have but I manage to RE-LEARN it


I used to see things in extreme, its all or nothing, its good or bad, I don’t see any in between, n I don’t believe in neutral point, its outside the hole and inside the hole, but now I teach myself everyday to less see things in extreme way, I just lay a bit back and it helps,


Generalizing something before it would happen, I does this a lot, as when I started to do something, when I fail, I believe that I will never surpass these walls, but nowadays, I physically challenge myself to push the wall and so far ive succeeded and yet I have thousands of way to push it even harder


When someone to show me some behaviour I don’t like, I tried and I judge their mind, as my friend look at me with no interest look, I jumps to conclusion that they want to get beat up or they are a pest already, nowadays, I drastically stop mind reading and treat like their head is empty, and it helps to put positive thoughts instead of negative


Forecasting, when the glory days of me with sports and music, I does say things long before the event started, I saw a small skinny guy to fight me for a medal, I said that ill beat him up due to my excessive confidence, though it come true, the question is what if it isn’t coming true? Ill suffer emotional disturbance that is, stop foreseeing things


Put emotion as reason, im mad right now, u have make me so, the truth is I was long mad before I find the guy, so he become the scapegoat of my thinking error,

Never put emotion with your judgment,


Always sees blame, always has someone to blame but not myself, ive give a lot of excuses that doesn’t even have myself in it, I always blame, but as blaming wont solve the problems, im done blaming, instead I try to look at myself and think, what went wrong on the strategy


Ur cool, ur strong, ur sweet, yah got that a lot but ill never entertain it and does never ever say thanks to one that says it, every person need positive appreciation so just accept the positive things and negative things vice versa


Judge and labels, ur a loser, always will be, u never change-à these things I used to say yesterday but today, see things and other human is also have hard times and defectfullness as me, and it help me relax and also enhancing my relationship.


Things that I see as a must, sometimes, my must is what I don’t have to think at all, small things that I don’t see always get to me, so I demand less and I follow what I already have and enhancing it 1 at a time,


Exaggerate, I cant accept person make fun of me, and I will get even, maybe worse, I do exaggerate a lot, small things ill take it big and it stress me a lot, now I see things as it is, not bigger, not smaller


I feel bad about something and I will be intolerable, highly intolerable, but nowadays. I put my comfort far from myself and I learn to tolerate, its late start but never be the last


All my life I carried lots of reputation, myself, my parents , my teachers, and it burdens me, ive afraid that I will not be able to perform, and afraid to be look as a failure, nowadays, PHONEYISM is at my foot, ill get my hand on anything and im not afraid to be look as a loser, and I promised, I will not be a loser all my life,

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