Sunday, February 26, 2012

Day Out With Ma , Ain and Azim :D

its been a while since ive been Home, so because i just got a new car, ive brought my Ma and My siblings to Ronggeng Setia Alam n Meru, Azim keep Calling me since 9 am that saturday and i Arrive home at 1.30, when i got home Ma is still wearing her Apron coz shes at the kitchen

As Soon as she got into the car, 1St stop Maybank and 2nd CIMB coz these girls got a lot of money, more than me so they need to bank it in, so im there to teach them how to bank in,

after that we eat cendol and it started raining, we off to NSK to buy something to eat

dont let this fool you, they fight everyday

i entertain my ma to buy what my dad couldnt afford to buy :D

Ma very Happy coz she got to PAU me chocolate milk and a week supplies of Groceries


5 Chicken Chops, bake in Oven

Chilli Ginger Black Pepper Sauce for accompaniments

long since i last cook ive lost the touch but azim says, Terer la Along Masak,

make me Kembang till now!

I Love My Family

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