Monday, February 13, 2012

I dont Give a Damn

:) at last, breaking my silence i stand up for myself,

i think ive already given my 300% of my effort to the company, i stayed back till 9-10pm everyday just to ensure all system are at place, and im covering for 3 Sales Butt,not only that i work in weekends for free for a straight 4-5 month and not making any fuss on it,

but what do i get? 2 sundays with text message "u should not take things for granted"

guess what this hurts me, im not here to be your slave, and u not even care on my feelings, u talk sarcastically to me and guess what? your team productivity is so damn low taht they cant acchieve 4 of 6 product segmentation target but me on the otherhand so far in 2012 has produce a Million Worth of Proposal.

take a look at your team rather than to judge me, simple look at performance dashboard, you team lacking on updates and their using my data to do updates, pity u,

if they work small but quality is high its forgivable, but neither quantity nor quality they present,

:) i never said anything before coz i believe in your professionalism but yesterday u turn up to be one of those POSERS

ill never give a damn on u again, ur not fit to be my friend

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