Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That Time, U really pissed me off,

There was a time when im in college, there was this group presentation, and the one that ended with me is The-All-Talk-But-Do-Nothing, The-Big-Mouth-Loser, The-Good-For-Nothing, and The-Good-for-Nothing-Version2.

well, ofcoz im the only one sane in this group, the deadline will be in 2 weeks, but yeah irony, i was the one who does all the thing, when the day i spent doing the jobs i was looking at this 4, they was happy and onlining and doing nothing and tells me that ko buat la sume, nanti present pun ko buat jugak,

this pissed me off, i was bullied, but im no ordinary, what i did?

i pretend that im happy to do all the jobs for them, and they bought it,

on the day of the presentation, i didnt come to present,

what happen? they have to do the presentation by themselves from scratch coz the slide is with me,

ijat and muz says their expression was priceless, and they did poorly and end up getting scold as they present a half bake job.

the day after that, i come clean to the lecturer that i purposely didnt come and she says i have to present the presentation in her room on my own, and i get the carry marks, flawless,

im satisfied, why? coz nobody can step on me, i dont care who u are, u think ur wicked? well, i think im more to it than u


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  1. hhhahaha.....realy good idea rico... tak pernah terfikir pun cara ni boleh selesaikan masalah... ehehe