Sunday, April 8, 2012

What Will My ONA V2 will look Like? when im Done Making Her up

i just bought a Persona early this year, its a great car, Fast and easy to handle, :) well, i never get enough, a standard factory tune car just dont make me smile like what ive done to Ara

lets see what we have, :)

Right Now this is what Ona looks like :) its pretty and sharp already but i will do a few add ons,

Lets look at my plans :)

1.For Headlights,
I dont Know Which to choose between these two,

A Xenon Ring Headlights

Or A LED StarLights

Either one, i have to make my decision soon,

2. Tail Lights

I also have to choose between these two,

Anaconda Lights

Streetglow Moonlights

After finish with these lights i think i will add on new emblem too, :)

And inside i will do a green Striplights like these

A GT WING, i will put also a red neon at back to enhance my tail lights, and the one that have a bleep like plane's wing :)

This Two is what i like to put on Ona, but, they will have to drill the Body to put these on, Ill think about it More,

Neon Lights at the bottom, i will find a green color one,

i will install 4 of these under the body and i need to find mechanism to put on the switch and protector from stones from underneath the body

And Move to Bodykit, this one pique my interest although its for Gen 2

This is too sweet, :)

I dont know how much all of this will cost but if i can do it little by little ill finish it up soon,

After Cosmetic All done, ill move for Performance!

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