Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Happy Birthday !! :D

To Bunny Saidatul Akmar

1st time i saw u about nearly 10 years ago, n honestly u smile so bright back there so i laugh at u and even make fun of u, but i never mean u harm, :) , i dont really remember we do hang out but i do remember 1 thing, ur cousin name is as same as me but he's like nothing of me, n i make fun of u both holding hand going home from school!

and when we came across each other anywhere, i never step off to give u way, but u everytime, give me way, haha, sorry bout that, im kinda arrogant that time,

When we went up together to middle school, err, i think we never on the same class, but somehow, i still make fun of u, calling u names, but u keep smiling and still caling me "wan2!"
from a far, but as long as i remember i never look at u back *is it?* and the next day im calling u names again,

when i move school, i dont even say goodbye, to you, to them, today i still feel bad about that but u know if that time i do say goodbye to you all, i might cry, so that will be a damage to my reputation as a bully,

then i came back twice, once on the same year i move, and when were on form 4. u still with u silly smile, n ur tone of calling me Wan2! , hahaha, somehow thats bring up memories, and i still wonder, why are u keep calling me that i think u know my reaction will be unnice? haha, guess that ur quality of being too innocent,

Ok, lastly, Happy Birthday the 21st To You,

And i Pray to Allah that U will live Happily and get whatever u wish for, take care of urself, ur parents, ur siblings, treasure what u have in this moment because i think u got it all sufficient, dont u go for something that was far that afraid u might drop ur luggage along the way, nothing is wrong with being carefree, n lay off the things that bring u harm, and thankfully i am really gets to know u, so little time, so much to do, weve apart once but someday if we parting again ill promise to remember u as u are the best ever :), makes the miracle number not as a measure of aging but as the measure of maturity and confident

>Rico Ridzhuan Rozaidy = Ur Little Wanwan<


  1. ermmm..u make me touch..
    so touch dear...
    love you a lot...

  2. err, just smile bunny,
    love u a lot 10 too