Thursday, June 28, 2012

Me on Trainers World

Its almost been one year that ive become a softskill trainer , Friends keep asking me what did i do for living, and how can i afford such a car and such a life

my answer is, im becoming me, but this time around ill make sure all people will listen to me talking,

im a soft skill trainer, a motivator, a Reiki Master like most of the people u saw on TV namely Fadzilah Kamsah, Iman Wan, Stephen Covey and even Steve Jobs

each of them has a forte, such as mine is called ARP - Attitude Re-tuning Program, as we always believe 80% of people success rely on Attitudes than Skills and Knowledge,

im the living Proof, im not so on knowledge and skill but ill make sure that my attitude always been in high awareness, yeah, this profession yields a good money but the satisfaction is more what i sought in my life,

heres a few shots of me on the job,

i can offer u salvation, but only u can help urself :)

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