Saturday, December 31, 2011

bye-bye 2011

well it seem s that 2011 was a rough year for me, :) but i look at it on the bright side, ive mature even more, i understand life even more, okay lets get something straight :)

1. Friends Forever
ur head, all people just using me for their own selfishness, i was stripped down on my cars on june 2011, and u know what? i just turned invisible to almost all of them, why? because i suddenly become a drag coz i didnt even have a car anymore, so coming picking me up in puchong was such a bother, well on 2010 when im in rawang, my weekends was never quite, they keep calling and calling and calling coz if i came, they got 4 empty seat to fill and to carry they lazy pathetic asses anywhere

2012 = never again, just find ur own way to hell, dont even tell me to drive u there

2. Family Are always there
Big F on the face, when i started to question about where my 1k goes every month i got threwed out from the house, not ony that till today still asking me for money, what am i? money maker? why did u sold my car? both of them, and then u expect me to smile n still giving u money. talking about this make me wanna puke

2012 = act like what uve done , THREW ME OUT!

3. All Talkers that talk talk talk
u guys should just go to hell, i understand that u guys doesnt even have brains in that thick skulls of ur

2012 = not even worth to look at these dogs

4. to all that borrowing me money
yes yes, u guys, i know that u are pathetic, u dont wanna work u just wanna chill so thats fine, just continue to be a loser for the rest of your life, i dont want to be even part of ur stupidity, beside, i like to threw some coins at u so called beggars

2012 = borrow money? talk to the hand, go to work MF

well looks like this year is the chance to i make my life straight, well sorry, u guys not part in it, :D live ur sorry petty life coz thats all u have to do, pretending but sucks all ur life

well sorry, i gotta run

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