Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pindah Rumah?

lets make this clear,

kalau nak pindah rumah dr rumah yang aku menyewa sekarang aku hanya akan accept rumah teres sahaja, kalau anda nak sy menyewa dgn anda, janganlah pilih rumah yang sama dgn yang saya duduk sekarang, bezanya ianya lebih jauh dari ofis,

i spoke of my mind, if u want to rent that shoplots apartment, count me out coz its not and improvement for me in my life, at least find a Ground floor if u like apartment so damn much

and one more thing, i work for u, ur my boss, but ur not my father, i dont have to listen to you in all aspect of my life, im no lab rats of yours, i know what best for me and surely ill force you to understand that,

i didnt even listen to my father, he never did his job, so what makes i wanna listen to u anyway?

PEACE NOW WAR = i have rights to express my feeling, im no animal that have to be beaten to do work

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