Tuesday, January 3, 2012

With You : )

ur cuter and cuter each time i saw u

i love you :D

i really wants to meet u, im a man so do play hard to get, i dont want to see u so often that i fear we might lose our love, coz we are seeing to much of each other that we got bored,

dont worry if ur frens can meet their boyfrens everyday but not u, ur not in love with some boy that know nothing and inexperience in life than ur boyfren did, i mean look at our maturity level, ur with me already and u know who i am, and i dont just talk : )

we saw each other 2 weeks once but i know, when we were together we will more appreciate it coz we both know that this chance wont come often

im not just busy, im very busy but i will not forget to say i love u whenever i got the chance,

and please dont see our relationship as the typical on and off everyday relationship coz we both know that our heart says the same

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