Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Update 25 Jan 2012

What Are U doing Now?

Me: doing proposal, manage to finish 11 unit of it since i enter office today at 9.30

What Are U Doing at the Moment?

Me: Managing Interviews for new fulltime trainers and new executive to be put in My team of Training Management Division, theyre all 40plus of age getting a 23 years old Boss, lets see.

How About Ur Life Nowadays?

Me: Getting Fat, Boroi, Got No cars, my friends all nowhere to be found except for Atif, got new guitar, still on request on buying car, eat much, loving Nadnod much

Whats On Ur Mind?

Me: get my career growing, maybe opening a restaurant later, my lineage all businessman, im going to also

Are u okay?

Me: now that ive eliminated all my burdens, letdowns, i can get my life running, maybe will asking hand for marriage this year or later, need to talk to my old-fashioned parents first

Are u Happy?

Me: of course, because i survive, now i will watch they do similar things that i does :D

Who are You?

Me: Mohamad Ridzhuan Rozaidy = Rico still me, im matured not growed

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