Thursday, January 12, 2012

Work Smart? Work Hard ?

This is conversation i had with my best friend/brother Bob,
i seems in rage yes because i will not tolerate someone that tells me to not and to do something but they dont first understand,

I love You Bob, and ive cleared this up with u , so ill make it example to others kay? ill pay u royalty ,

In this FB status i stated
'hehee, im at my limit, this morning suddenly collapse, hehe, but now im back"

So Bob Talk about Work hard and Work smart

Reality that i work
  1. from 8 am to 6pm but always stay till 10pm to finish up
  2. weekend also have to do work if got
  3. travel by car to all part of Malaysia to deliver training
  4. facilitate training for 3-5 days solid
  5. go to work immediately
  6. 2011 only 3 days leave all because of health
  7. never have time to kill
Not Smart Enough? what did i practice?
1. To do list
2. weekly Planner
3.Yearly Planner
4. Weekly sales Matrix

i have a KPI, I need to achieve it,

im not happy if i punched in at 8 am slacking, doing nothing, gossiping,procrastinating and punched out at 5 and live a happy lie life,

so please buzz off if u do not know anything about business, about life, about me

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