Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Bday!

Basicly this post is all about your birthday, not much I can give but I still wanna say something

Enlightmenting my mind make me remember that the first time we met at a library, 6 years ago but I don’t say anything nice to you but making fun of u, hahak

After I discover that we are neighbour as our house is across of each other, but strangely, we never walk together to school or back from school, u fly or what?

Until I move school, I saw u frequently as I hang out with few of ur frens, u are so elegant back there so I never say a word and still playing my arrogant part, err..

Then as I know that ur house is there, sometimes I cast a line but u never took the bait, my noisy skateboard and the laughter of my gang does not concern u

If only I would say something back there, I think we would’ve be good frens and… ok, lets stop here

Frankly speaking, I regret my past action, treating u like a shadow, no respecting u as a young girl, but u know what, that time I give that to everyone

Usually ur image in my mine is silent smiling girl white white pale face, and I really don’t remember your voice

Lets starts something new ok?,


At at times, im so scared to just look at u, so I look away, and I act like so called cool, err..

Times and tide has been destined, how matter we try to stop them, to ignore them, its just keep flowing ,

Incredible things has happen makes I see u now, but sometime, its me like to be in the shadow, but trust me, this time, im watching,

Lately, we see each other and talks a lot, and im glad u see me as I am, not who I was or what I will become, that’s the quality of u,

At last , the finale of my blabbering speech is that I will treasure all ones that treasure me, no need to be insecure, everyone is incredible, even the crazy one, theyre never admit they are crazy, ahahah

Happy 20th Birthday and thx for making me part of your life,

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