Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thing other People Cant Accept on Me*based on survey with Family and closest friends*

1. I have zero tolerance on Spicy and Hot Food, I cant even survive a Curry Maggi

2. I have a laughing problems, I laugh loud and annoying

3. I am extremely competitive, there no such thing as play safe or play fair

4. I have a sleeping trouble, a sound of cloth fall to the floor enough to wake me

5. I am Ticklish but only with girls, their finger is like furry tarantula spider’s legs

6. I don’t hesitate, I hate hesitant people,

7. I like to look at cute girls but always to scare to say anything

8. Aunties and Grannies have always like me, its only takes 3 seconds

9. I need Caffeine everyday or ill be moody

10. I don’t like to be notice, I like to keep it low

11. I always get scold “u want to die??!!!” its common

12. Some people say I am Psychosis

13. I am super-duper-extra-extremely Stubborn

14. I have so much to do so little time

15. My game time Trumps eating time- My Ma cant accept this

16. I can reply SMS even if I am sleeping

17. I always thinks I am Thin and Small

18. My passion to Gundam exceed einstein’s passion for science

19. Most People hate me but most of it because I make them to

20. I don’t like talking to my Dad, I feel silly if I do

21. The way I look at people as I want to beat them up, but im doing that just for fun

22. I can eat whatever fruit, whenever, however, whosever, and I cant easily stop

23. Im racist to people taller and more good looking than me

24. 75% of my friends is girl but theyre just for decoration, 20% more is just for Garnishing

25. My Facebook Friends have over 600people but everyone of them ive met at least once- except for non-malaysian

26. I like to Give people nicknames, bad or good

27. I have a hole in my pockets

28. Ive always kidnapped by my aunts because baby me is too cute

29. its only takes 1 second for my mood to swings 180 degree

30. I like to treat my frens siblings as my own

31. I don’t like advices, and I don’t like to be motivated

32. I was sent to anger management program 4 times

33. I bite my nail

34. I always think like a RPG style Game

35. I don’t like DOTA

36. I dont like taking picture or have my picture taken,

37. I wear a big shirt so I can look big and intimidating

38. I buy shoes once a month but most of them are canvas, never bought leather

39. I fit in everywhere

40. My imagination is almost real to me, feel like I can touch them

41. I like to mess with my sister’s make up

42. I have a lot of plush’s but I never keep 1 I bought

43. I always talk back if my boss scold me

44. I have a work but I still looking for work

45. I hate Filet O Fish or any fish, including fishmonger

46. Im a really vengeful person, I always get even

47. I can understand Cantonese, Japanese, Korean and a little Hindi

48. I hate Auto-transmission Transport, including KTM

49. I love my Bunny, My Cuppycake, My Applepie, My Tilala,

50. I can make people jealous by using my Phone and press 1 buttons only

51. I have a serious digesting disorder, what go in hard to come out

52. everyday im working with Millions of RM but I only get RM13 in my wallet

53. I like looking at Szechuan style food but to die ill never eat it

54. I agree fast food is not fast preparation but fast making my pocket hole bigger

55. Im not weird Im unique and facing extinction

56. I adore Captain Jack Sparrow! Parlay!

57. I am unreal to some other people

58. I have what I need but not what I want

59. I got a 9 year old Psychosis Girl Cousin, she step on my Last nerve everytime!

60. Sixtees

61. I like pool and beaches but I cant swim

62. Im hot blooded and huggable

63. My ear is 1 way street

64. I have Miracle hands – My family calls it

65. I have dancing Finger

66. my feet is lady’s feet, literally, ankles and below

67. I act tough but 1 touch can make me fall to the floor and flow into the cracks

68. don’t make eye contact with me, I might cry

69. Im oldest but I got bigger cousin so I bully them in term of age

70. My memory is dependable, I still remember everything since I was 5, -I even kept Ezewan Fauzi’s deep dark secrets when he was 12 and Hanafi Zakari when he was 11. hehehe

71. my messing around really is messing around, I work hard and play even hard

72. I look 5 times I talk 1 times

73. I have Horatio Caine’s of CSI charisma

74. I can fake voices, ranges from Wak Ketari Blues to Jamal Abdillah

75. I have serious passion to music but cant play anything of it except for play button on a music player

76. People scared of me

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