Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Laughter Is the best Medicine

Its been a while since I started doing this, I pick a random people and make them laugh, not just any random, a dull sad looking random people, I mostly finds my victim of Facebook coz its obvious, they posted a sad status, and I attack them with my sets of Riddles,

1. the Racist Ridles- Just for fun, no offences to anybody
2. Animal Riddles – few of them
3. sportsman riddles – no Offences to their fan
4. Language riddles

Ive collected these thing from all my 21years of living and some of that came out on my own, Since I like to meet new people and making new frens, sometimes, I get scold too coz they say im stupid, but I still keep doing that, maybe im able to make at least 1 people happy, and with their happiness I feel appreciated and I want u guys to come back for more, trust me, I got a few tricks that works, Happiness is to share, 

Just to test

- why a worm don’t have eyes?-
- why a tiger have stripes?-
- why an American guy cant shut up?-

Catch me for some answer, it isn’t a riddle if its not stupid, hahaha, but still logical,

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