Thursday, December 23, 2010

Think A bit

In this world, what is PROMISED must be kept, as my fren make one to HER parents NOT TO go out at night and as far as im concern, im free just to LIE on the green grass although i dont feel any wind ANYMORE

my ma always promise me that SHE will love all her child evenly, as what i LOVE that is Gundams and ME brother with his toys AND books but sometimes I DID NOT REALIZE everything we do, we always had each other,

SHE always said that my feeling has gone like a DIED durian tree so i have no feeling of LOVING, and then a cat is entrusted to ME, tilala , and slowly AS im taking care of her I did change and DONT be like always that doesn’t FEEL and trust ANYTHING

I always see a boy VOW to his partner TO be better, but they LOVE to say but they dont do AND TO BE HONEST i despise that kind of human,TO them promises is just a way to make things forgotten but THE DAY that requires promises I realise that the DIE side within me is still there as i continue to be like how i use to be

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