Monday, May 17, 2010

Thats What u get When U let ur Heart Win!

lagu ni first aku dengar time tu mmg aku tgh dalam krisis yg sgt besar, bile didengar betul2 Hayley William n the gang really is right, jadi lepas dgr lagu ni, aku dah buang byk bende dari dalam aku yang aku betul2 tak perlukan, tapi agaknye aku dah terbuang skali dgn bende2 penting yang patutnye aku simpan. nak dapatkan balik bende tu bukan senang, its really takes time and lot of patient,

there was a time, i was fun, i was funny, tolerable, patient, caring , merciful, smile a lot and sensitive. but i dont know what happen because i have become truly opposite of who am i before,

Tp that time i alway let my heart win, well not anymore

few of my friends marah aku and suruh aku pulangkan "Rico yg Dulu' tapi aku mmg tak tau ape maksud diorang, guys, im still your Rico just i have grown and matured, believe me, im still your Rico, gv me strenght gv me friendship because i really need it, help me grow, help me mature

No matter what happen ill treasure your guys All my life! no need to say the names, u guys know u meant a lot to me!

_Rico Ridzhuan Rozaidy_

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