Monday, June 7, 2010

Stupidity in the eye of Yukimura

This is Mizuno Yukimura from Furano,Japan , lets see what he has to say about me...

Posted: Nov 12, 2008 5:53 PM your time has come dude, dont be angry

+i dont know how to post picture, but im writing about our Group leader+

friends fullname:Rico Ridzhuan right?

what i call him:Rico

we’ve been friend since:2002

5 things about him:skates, snorkelling, skinny, omelette and waterslides

Most unforgetable moments:

we meet at Langkawi and stay in same resort that i forget the name, he bump on me in the swimming pool when he get down the adult waterlide(?), then he laugh loud. after a while i see he can’t even swim but he join his family in adults pool that is about 3 meters deep. my conclusion is he is stupid.we exchange mails on breakfast the next day cause he sit at the cafeteria stairs thinking what to eat with stupid look on his face

although Rico dont talk a lot, he like to pick fights even he is tiny(ha!) and he do things without thinking first and that is also stupid and funny. but you are good friend Dude

Did u guys agree that he called me stupid? hahaha, guess what dude, im gonna get even,, Domo Arigato!!

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