Thursday, June 16, 2011

heh! i was Right

U all just used me, when i got a car, u did call and invite me to go here and there, but now when i have no car u guys just have fun coz if u do invite i woudnt be any help to carry all ur stupid loser Ass!! i knew this would Happen, u call urself a friend? go to hell

when u in shortage i give u a penny but everytime i ask for a penny u turn me down n doesnt even return any of my penny! Bastard!

wat did i do wrong that u treated me like this ?? ive given u rm1000 amonth for almost 2 years and u chase me out of the house?? and u sold my CAR to settle ur debt?? why didnt u ask me?
why u insulted my career?? all my life who have say to u that im bad?? did i drink? did i smoke? did i spent my money on whore?? what DO YOU WANT OF MEEE???

im not ur damn tool!

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  1. : sabar bro... sabar.. anything just share with me if you dont mind lah .. im here bro ..